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RIPS-rye-snacks are the perfect alternative for unhealthy snacking. Rips combines the delicious taste with healthy rye in a perfect balance. Rips-snacks are made from traditional flavored rye bread roasted in coconut oil. The products contain plenty of healthy fiber and only 6 % fat.

At the moment Rips-snacks are available in four pleasant flavors: hot new Rips-Jalapeno which combines healthy rye with strong Jalapeno, Rips-Garlic, Rips-Cheese and Rips-Salami. Thanks to these delicious flavors Rips is suitable for everyone. All the products are available in handy 50 gram bags, that makes enjoying Rips-rye-snacks easy anywhere.

Rips-snacks are produced from high-quality ingredients, such as sunflower oil and fiber containing rye bread (70 % of rye flour). The products contain plenty of dietary fibre, vegetable fat, proteins and minerals.

Rips-snacks can be enjoyed as such or with dips. They are perfectly suitable to be enjoyed with a chilled drink or to be used in cooking for example with soups and salads.

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