Enjoy healthier choices

Welcome to the world of "RIPS"!

CoreFinland Ltd is proud to produce and market unique healthy, low-fat products under the RIPS brand.
The RIPS Ruis snacks are innovative as it combines the Nordic preference of rye for its health benefits into a tasty snack that can be enjoyed in leisure or complemented with chilled drink.

Crispy VegeChips are stylish and healthy snacks. Then vegetables are cooked in sunflower oil under reduced pressure and due to the new cooking style, there is less fat. As a result the original taste as well as all vitamins and minerals are perfectly preserved. Rips Vege Chips are rich in fiber (20%) and there are no artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives.

RIPS Bio Pops – fibre rich organic breakfast. Organic products are free of residues of chemical plant protection products and mineral fertilizers, and also free of genetically modified organisms.

All RIPS products are representing good quality, healthier and a new way of enjoying the small delights in your daily life. We started 2006 with Rye snacks, 2011 extended with Vege Chips and Bio Pops. Just wait, there is more to come soon!

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