RIPS Products

RIPS Vege Chips

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    RIPS Vege Chips

    Handy 50g package of RIPS Vege Chips are new type of chips that doesn't contain any potato.

    They are manufactured from healthy and all natural ingredients (carrot, beetroot and parsney), cooked in sunflower oil in low pressure. Due to new cooking style, there is less fat, as well as the original vitamins and minerals of the ingredients are still in the products. RIPS vege chips are high on fibre with 20% of Fibre. Enjoy them as they are or use them as decoration to your meals! Read more

  • RIPS Ruis snacks

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    What are Ruis Snacks?

    Ruis Snacks were launched in Finland 2007.
    Made out of original rye bread fried in light vegetable oil.
    Currently four different flavors: garlic, salami, cheese & jalapeno
    Available in 50g and 150g bags.
    Ruis Snacks are low in fat (just 6 %).
    All Ruis snacks are also high in fibre. Read more

  • Rips Bio Pops

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    The fibre rich organic breakfast!

    Bio Pops are organic and fibre rich breakfast cereals. There are three delicious and healthy products to choose from: Barley flour pops, spelt flour pops and rye flour pops all made from wholegrain barley, spelt and rye. Read more


You can find Rips products from most of the supermarkets in Finland(if you cant find them, please ask the staff or let us know about it).