RIPS Ruis Snacks

Ruis snacks are rye bread pieces toasted in light vegetable oil and then seasonedwith different four flavours: Jalapeno, Cheese, Garlic and Salami. All snacks are available in compact 50g bags. Cheese, Garlic and Salami you can also find in bigger 150g packaging. Eat as they are, dip or add to salads and soups. Products are low in fat (6%) and include lots of nutritious fibers, which makes them stand out as a healthier option in the grocery store snack shelf. The health effects of rye are based on high amount of fiber.

Rye decreases the cholesterol levels and therefore decreases the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. Also rye helps with digestion and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Rye can help with weight management and according to studies may help to prevent even cancer. read more:

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    Garlic flavor

    rye snacks flavored with healthy garlic gives a great taste experience. The taste is from real garlic used 4 % in the product.

    Ingredients: Rye bread (rye flour, wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, sugar ), vegetable oil, mashed natural garlic, garlic powder and salt

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    Cheese flavor

    Delicious cheese aroma melts in your mouth. Traditional rye bread combined with the most fine way to the sweet taste of cheese.

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    Salami flavor

    Nicely salted Salami tastes especially good with beer. Meat has not been used in production . Try and be surprised!

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    Jalapeno flavor

    New -Jalapeno is good choice especially for hot snacking. Pleasant, a totally new kind of snack that just melts in the mouth with fantastic flavour.